Crazy Legs Town is very proud to introduce our very own CrAzY LeGs! Thanks to rave reviews from our consistant overly satisfied customers we are pleased to present him to you....

CrAzY LeGs is one of the best Entertainers in Essex/London, he is the only one in his area to have been exclusively flown to Ireland to do a kids party. He will go the extra mile just to make the customer and their family & friends beyond satisfied. Which as a true entertainer and people person is his main focus.

CrAzY LeGs is a young, professional Comedian/Actor and an all round great performer. His experience on stage and thanks to his extensive video and media work is clearly demonstrated throughout his carefully planned, organized parties. And there is no doubt that this passionate perfomer is a true born entertainer who will leave youngsters, their parents and even the grandparents clamoring for more! Yes watch out Grandma he’s back!

With CrAzY LeGs you get the Entertainer who is fully trained in the Entertainment Biz. You get the entertainer with passion and heart. This is evident within his parties, and shows that he is driven by his pure love for performing!

During your party, CrAzY LeGs will introduce the young guests to enchanting puppets, magic, games and a mini-disco complete with dancing and comedy. This amazing versatile entertainer plays the most up-to-date music and comes fully equipped with his sensational sound system. He loves his snow machine - The kid’s favorite! Which uses real snow, collected from the North Pole! Mums - don't worry it will not ruin anything!!!!

That’s right and to top it off every party-goer leaves with a model balloon (within the two hour parties, with no extra cost), and a toy from the CrAzY Chest (Which will have to be pre-booked, ask the CrAzY office team about our CrAzY deals). And of course the Birthday Boy/Girl leave feeling like a V.I.P.

So get your cameras ready because at a CrAzY LeGs party the birthday boy/girl is the star of the show. (Those aged between four and eight will be dressed from head to toe in balloons/prizes/toys! Just watch their eyes light up!) CrAzY LeGs guarantees that after the Excitement and Fun, all the kids will leave feeling exhausted from a good day out, but those CrAzY LeGs will just keep on going!!!!!



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CrAzY LeGs is CRB Checked and has Public Liability Insurance.